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Dr Driving

Dr Driving

Dr. Driving não é apenas um jogo de corrida, mas também ensina você como conduzir o carro e como lidar com as situações durante a condução em telefones de Android e tablets.

Baixar Dr driving Jogo Gratis

This is a really fun game. To the parents that are reading this it is really good but your child is able to play with other people but no communicating. For the children do not get a addicted because some of the challenges are really hard sometimes and make you want to play even more! You can buy your own cars too. If your going to get the game I hope this helps you decided!!


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Do you want to experience a relaxing drive that's not as adrenaline-pumping as the usual dime-a-dozen racer? If so, then the doctor is in! Dr. Driving offers a deep driving simulator that you can play anywhere on the go. Drive below the speed limit through the crowded streets of a realistically-designed city. Take care to not collide with any other vehicles while making sure your turns are smooth and graceful.
There are a lot of techniques for you to hone. There are even more vehicles to operate. Master them all and Dr. Driving will have done its work.

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